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We know that writing often can get isolating. Our team of editors and writers are here to help you navigate the journey and see your writing project to completion. No matter what stage of your book you are, right from writing mentorship to editing, pitching your book to publisher and book marketing, we have got you covered. We are with you at every step of your writing journey.

Our services are light on the pocket and are customised according to your needs. If you don’t find what you are looking for below, or you would like advice on which service best fits your needs, do reach out to us at [email protected] or call us on 7738935260


Manuscript Evaluation

We will provide broad feedback on your manuscript. This includes general feedback on the themes of the book, feedback on the piece’s structure, voice and narrative. This is meant to be a starting point from which you can re-write and edit your work.

Line Edit

We will go through the building blocks of your book: sentences. We will go through each line of your book to make sure you are conveying your thoughts in the best way you can. The goal is to ensure your writing flows, is concise, coherent and is pleasurable to read.

Book Marketing

We offer bespoke book-marketing services for authors that we believe in. Our customized plans will help you reach new audiences and start conversations about your book. Get in touch with us today by filling up the enquiry form.

Writing Mentorship

We handhold writers through every stage of the writing process through consistent editorial reviews and meetings. We make ourselves available to our writers from the ideation stage to the point where they are ready to pitch their work. Our writers' pieces are as much our babies as they are theirs!

Proposal Edit

Have a great idea? Want to pitch to a publication or a publishing house. Or do you need help applying for a grant for an exciting new project? We will help you line-edit your proposal, strengthen the concept of your pitch, help define your market and structure your chapter outlines. The goal is to grab your reader’s attention and convey your ideas in the most structured, coherent, and interesting way possible.

Build Your Brand: Customised Content Writing Workshop

A specially curated workshop designed around your brand’s needs to help communicate your brand story through your content. Bound’s founder, Tara Khandelwal will work with your team to plan your content strategy. She will teach you the ins and outs of publishing your content across platforms and equip you with tips and tricks to elevate your online presence.

Structural Edit

This is an in-depth version of the manuscript review: We will give you notes on how to make sure your story comes together in the most effective way possible. We will provide feedback on plot, structure of paragraphs, character, transitions, dialogue and narrative flow. The goal is to make sure your piece holds the attention of your reader, and to help you produce the highest quality of work you can.

Pitch to Bound

If you have written a book or you're in the process of writing one, do reach out to us. We are constantly looking for fresh ideas and well-written stories. If we like your content, we will help you pitch it to some of India's best publishers

Cultural Programming

We create, conceptualise and market cultural events. We have organised book launches, book clubs, workshops and create programs in different formats that are educational, accessible and unique. If you are a creator who wants to collaborate, drop us a line. We’d be glad to hear from you.


We help you find the best writer for your book. We connect you to experienced ghostwriters who will understand your book's vision and coordinate with you until you are satisfied with the final output.

publishing consulting

We know figuring out publishing can be a pain, that's why we offer publishing consultations and guidance.

a) Half an hour video call on Zoom

First 15 minutes- The writer will express the idea of the book.
Last 15 minutes- Feedback will be given
(based on an earlier in-depth reading of the book)

Tara Khandelwal's rate= Rs 5000
Team member's rate= Rs 2500

b) One hour video call on Zoom

The writer can explain the idea to us. We will also look at how to position the book in the market.
First half an hour - Feedback
First 15 minutes- Writer will express the idea of the book
Last 15 minutes- Feedback will be given
(based on earlier in-depth reading of the book)

Next half an hour- Publishing guidance and Q and A.
We will guide you on the next steps and answer all your doubts with regards to publishing.
(Questions should be sent in advance)

Tara Khandelwal's rate= Rs 5000
Team member's rate= Rs 2500

To show your interest, email us at [email protected] with a few sample pages and your preferred option. We will get back to you with dates and times! Looking forward to working with you!


Please note that these are the books which have been published. We have also worked on countless other works in progress.


9client 1

Alka Pande

Art Historian/ Museum Curator/ Author Wikipedia

8client 1

Aparna Upadhaya Sanyal


Circus Folks and Village Freaks

7client 1

Sandhya Krishnan

Coach/Trainer/ Speaker

6client 1

Praveena Shivram

Editor, Arts Illustrated

Forthcoming Author, Zubaan Books

5client 1

Naomi George

Certified D&I Consultant.,

Mum-Me: How I Raised Babies…

4client 1

Mr Raju Shete


The Planet Group

3client 1

Malavika Sangghvi


Hindustan Times

2client 1

Karan Malik

Head of Programmes,

British Asian Trust India

Susie Coelho 1

Susie Coelho

Actor/ Entrepreneur / Author


Demystifying Indian Publishing

Bound’s Industry Insights

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