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Top 5 Branded Podcasts In India

Top 5 Branded Podcasts In India

Top 5 Branded Podcasts In India

By Neha Pophale

Do you miss the old school radio channels that shared stories and incidents from various aspects of life? What about the slow, but exciting, conversations you listened to in buses while travelling? The love child of this nostalgia and technology is a podcast! Podcasts have become immensely popular over the last five years and are projected to have over 1.76 crore listeners by the end of 2023 in India according to PwC. While podcasts by influencers like Varun Duggirala and Ankur Warikoo have rightfully gained popularity, branded podcasts are all the rage now!

Branded podcasts are a new and creative form of content marketing. At first glance, they seem like any other podcast. But they take a topic or theme relevant to the brand and build a conversation around it. This helps them showcase their personality and engage with their audience on a deeper level. India is witnessing a sharp increase in branded podcasts.

Here are five branded podcasts in India that you need to listen to!

Let’s Do Shots by Mad Over Marketing

Top 5 Branded Podcasts In India

Mad Over Marketing started as an Instagram account that rounds up the best marketing and advertising moves in the industry across the globe. Through their podcast, they tell stories about the pivotal brand moments that made an impact on the company image and the industry at large. With short, crisp episodes of about 6 minutes, they summarise the most interesting angles of brands and companies. Their episodes like “The Bizarre Similarities between Starbucks and McDonald’s” and “Lamborghini Made Sports Cars Just To Get Back At Ferrari” give perspectives about a brand with respect to its competitors, keeping the intrigue high and the audience engaged.

What we loved: Short episodes telling human-centric stories about brands.

When We Met by Platform For Artists

Top 5 Branded Podcasts In India

Platform For Artists is exactly what it calls itself – a platform for artists, young and established. PFA has organised various verticals for artist recognition like open mics, artist shows, Insta lives, and even published a poetry book. Their podcast, When We Met, is one of the ways that the organisation has expanded their artist resource-building efforts into new spaces of media. Each 45 minute episode provides insightful information to creative professionals in the digital age.

“How Are Entrepreneurs Shaping the Product Industry During the Pandemic?” and “How Can Artists Adapt a Subscription Based Business Model?” are examples of the questions the host, Pawan Rochwani, indulges in. The format allows for easy conversations, akin to strangers meeting at a cafe and chatting up their ideas and observations about their professional lives in a comfortable manner.

What we loved: Concrete insights from people in arts-adjacent industries and easy conversations!

The Humans Of Cinema Podcast

Humans of Cinema started out as an Instagram child, and has now grown to a community of over 1.9 lakh people. The account is a haven for cinephiles, offering reflections and observations on the best of cinema. Its success has paved the way for collaborations with big brands like MUBI. Foraying into the world of podcasts, Humans of Cinema has now created a new space for content marketing. 

The host, Harshit Bansal, invites prominent professionals from the Hindi film industry and through succinct questions and meaningful conversations offers a deep-dive into films from a unique lens in each episode. Harshit highlights lesser known aspects of filmmaking like cinematography, casting, character acting, and more. While cinephiles may be acquainted with these concepts already, he introduces them to the layperson too. Additionally, these crafts are discussed with and by the best in the industry, engaging the entire community equally. 

What we loved: Meticulous and unique questions to actors, cinematographer, and directors about the art of filmmaking.

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Is Romance Dead by Bumble India

Top 5 Branded Podcasts In India

Ever heard of a dating app discussing the pitfalls of online dating in today’s world? In a limited series, Bumble India has created a podcast called “Is Romance Dead?” with Kaneez Surkha, the host and comedian, asking the question to her guests. The dating app entertainingly acknowledges the difficulty of grasping the concepts of dating and love in the digital age. The podcast gives its listeners a peek into the opinions the brand stands for. The host interviews several people in each episode of the podcast, tackling a theme, to give diverse perspectives. Literature plays a significant role in building an idea of modern day romances. The podcast questions these tropes that seep into our personal lives, without any judgement of the same!

What we loved: The successful effort to include people from diverse genders, sexualities, and backgrounds, and giving them a space to tell their stories!

LBB Open House by Little Black Book

Top 5 Branded Podcasts In India

Most of us know Little Black Book as LBB, the discovery and shopping platform to find unique products and brands. They have 60,000 emerging brands and businesses recommended on their platform. Started in 2020, the brand’s podcast, LBB Open House, offers insights into all things brand building – marketing, customer acquisition, distribution, and more. Each episode features a candid conversation with founders, CXOs, and investors spearheading some of India’s most interesting enterprises. The host, Suchita Salwan, the co-founder of LBB, has invited top professionals from brands like CRED, Sleepy Owl, and FabIndia in the past. The podcast doesn’t beat around the bush and gets straight to statistics and insights that give young entrepreneurs a chance to gain a holistic business sense.

What we loved: The highly relevant and engaging questions asked by the host in the podcast, giving a never-seen-before view to businesses!

Bound has also its own branded podcasts!

Books and Beyond with Bound is hosted by Tara Khandelwal and Michelle D’costa who interview India’s finest authors about their creative processes, inspirations and writing routines. The Book People is hosted by Aishwarya Javalgekar. It features chats with a publishing expert in each episode to gain industry insights and bust publishing myths.

With podcasts from our roster trending on platforms like Apple Podcasts, Bound is now offering expert guidance to help create your own branded podcast. From ideation to execution, we will meticulously assist you to help you build your dream podcast.

Find more about Bound Podcasts services here and get started on your podcasting journey!

About the author

Neha is a writer. She studies media and has a special interest in culture and research. Her work has been published with Feminism in India, Art Fervour, and gal-dem. She often spends her weekends binge-reading contemporary novels.

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