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The Book People - Bound Podcast Production

The Book People

The Book People is a podcast and video series that takes you into the world of books and publishing, one book expert at a time. Every episode, host Aishwarya Javalgekar chats with a publishing expert to gain industry insights, bust publishing myths and bond over their shared love for all things publishing. 

Who Are 'Book People'?

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About the host

Aishwarya Javalgekar

Aishwarya is a versatile writer and poet who is driven by her thirst for knowledge and fun trivia. Armed with degrees in English and Publishing, she has worked with publishing houses like Zubaan Books and Simon and Schuster Canada. She has combined her ‘book person’ and ‘people person’ skills to create her publishing interview series. Watch as the Head of Content at Bound gets the inside scoop on publishing in The Book People.

Episode #1: How do editors decide what to publish? - Ft. Sayantan Ghosh

Episode #2: How can your book reach more readers? - Ft. Disha Naik

Episode #3: How do books become movies Ft. Sidharth Jain

Episode #4: How to become a freelance editor? Ft. Tara Khandelwal

Episode #5: How To Become A Book Influencer? Ft. Bookstagrammer Resh Susan aka @thebooksatchel

Episode #6: The Business of Independent Bookstores Ft. Radhika Timbadia, Founder of Champaca

Episode #7: How To Get Published In India Ft. Meghna Pant, Author And Journalist

Episode #8: How Book Covers Capture The Essence Of A Story Ft. Harshad Marathe

Episode #9: Has Wattpad Changed The Publishing Game? Ft. Devashish Sharma

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