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Meditative Writing Workshop

Learn the art of Meditative Writing


Mohit Parikh

Mohit Parikh

An Award Winning Author

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Meditative Writing - Workshop Overview

We are experiencing suffering, collectively if not individually, like we have never before seen in our lifetimes. We are at the same time becoming cognisant of what’s most important to us & what’s frivolous and can be weeded away. Through meditating and writing, we can learn lessons from our past and will ourselves to a newer being, a newer future. And while there are no easy remedies for pain & suffering, acknowledging them, reflecting upon them, expressing them privately and to others can be a vital step in self-care. With these objectives in mind, we are conducting a fresh Meditative Writing Workshop this June. 

There is an updated curriculum, more resources, daily motivation and a deep focus on forming the writing habit. So that what gets learnt is practiced, so that what gets practised, helps.  

Ideal Participants Age:
20 to 55 years 

Language: English 

Batch size: 25

Number of sessions:
6 live zoom sessions

Key Takeaways

The participants will learn to use writing as

Special focus on

Forming the writing habit

Live group writing & reading sessions

Lessons from the classic and modern masters like



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