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Bound Community
We are our people. We love to form life-long connections with our tribe.
Aditi Rao2 3 1

Aditi Rao

Award-Winning Poet

Chandrahas Choudhury2 1

Chandrahas Choudhury


Prayag Akbar2 1

Prayaag Akbar


Tashan Mehta2 1

Tashan Mehta


Pervin Saket 2 1

Pervin Saket


Anil Menon 2 1

Anil Menon


Amitabha Bagchi 2 1

Amitabha Bagchi


Rheea Mukherjee 2 1

Rheea Mukherjee


Ratika Kapur 2 1

Ratika Kapur


Amrita Narayanan 2 1

Amrita Narayanan

Psychologist & Author

Pubali Chaudhuri 2 1

Pubali Chaudhuri


Jessica Faleiro 2 1

Jessica Faleiro


Praveena Shivram 2 1

Praveena Shivram

Editor, Arts Illustrated

Lavanya Lakshminarayan 2 1

Lavanya Lakshminarayan


Shashikant Yadav 2 1

Shashikant Yadav

Law Professor

Aparna Upadhaya Sanyal 2 1

Aparna Upadhaya Sanyal


Usha Venkatraman 2 1

Usha Venkatraman

Award-Winning Storyteller

Samina Motlekar 2 1

Samina Motlekar

Advertising Film Producer/ Writer

Anjana Avinash 2 1

Anjana Avinash


Dinesh Kaulgud 2 1

Dinesh Kaulgud

Commercial Manager, Department of Health UK

Swati Thampan 2 1

Swati Thampan

Assistant VP, CITI Bank

Aparna Krishnamurthy 2 1

Aparna Krishnamurthy

Investment Banker

Sandeep Narayanan 2 1

Sandeep Narayanan

Dentist/Advertising Professional/Writer

Amritha Dinesh 2 1

Amritha Dinesh

Writer, Shortlisted for Toto Awards

Saritha Rao Rayachoti 2 1

Saritha Rao Rayachoti

Independent Writer

Prashant Sankaran 2 1

Prashant Sankaran

Business Coach/ Author/ Founder, Bengaluru Poetry Festival

Aparna 2 1



Aarya Naik 2 1

Aarya Naik

Writer/ Event Curator

Preeti Gupta 2 1

Preeti Gupta

Chartered Accountant/ Author/ Founder - VocaBOOM

Anagha Unni 2 1

Anagha Unni

Film Maker/ Award-Winning Screenwriter

Nalin Pasricha 2 1

Nalin Pasricha

Ex-Investment Banker/ Screenwriter

Aekta Khubchandani 2 1

Aekta Khubchandani

Illustrator/ Editor, The Floating Magazine/ Spoken Word Artist

Kamalani 2 1



Priya Talwar 2 1

Priya Talwar

Assistant Commissioning Editor, Rupa Publications

Bakul Matiyani 2 1

Bakul Matiyani

Film Maker

Farida 2 1


Co-founder/ Assistant Director

Disha Hanspal 2 1

Disha Hanspal

Freelance Writer

Madhu Singh Sirohi 2 1

Madhu Singh Sirohi

Managing Trustee, Anubandh Trust / Author

Dheera Gandhi 2 1

Dheera Gandhi

Entrepreneur/Healer/ Life Coach

Monisha Raman 2 1

Monisha Raman

Content Editor/Writer

Sandhya Krishnan 2 1

Sandhya Krishnan

Coach/Trainer/ Speaker

Mahitha 2 1


Actor/Voice Artist

Sunil Bhandari 2 1

Sunil Bhandari

Entrepreneur/ Author

Vritika Srivastava 2 1

Vritika Srivastava

Project Manger Aptara/ Blogger

Sonali Gupta 2 1

Sonali Gupta

Freelance Writer

Harikrishna R 2 1

Harikrishna R.Harikrishna R.

Assistant Manager, South Indian Bank

Nicola Neale 1

Nicola Neale


Kuhu Joshi 2 1

Kuhu Joshi

Research Analyst/Author

Padmja Sopori 1

Padmja Sopori

Senior Content Developer, Tittar Lodge Productions / Writer

Prabal Panjabi 2 1

Prabal Panjabi


Niddhish Puuzhakkal 2 1

Niddhish Puuzhakkal

Head of Production, Bartle Bogle Hegarty/ Director/ Producer

Rachna Sharma 2 1

Rachna Sharma

English Access Program Manager, India at the US Embassy

Seema Vijay Singh 2 1

Seema Vijay Singh

Advisor & Champion

Priyanka Pradhan 2 1

Priyanka Pradhan

Journalist/Author, Forthcoming book- Penguin

Supriya Rakesh 1

Supriya Rakesh

Social Researcher/ Writer

Suyash Bothra 2 1

Suyash Bothra

Chartered Accountant

Subuhi Jiwani 2 1

Subuhi Jiwani

Independent Researcher/ Editor, the People's Archive of Rural India/ Author

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