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7 Activities You Can Do While Listening to Podcasts

7 Activities You Can Do While Listening to Podcasts

By Divjot Kaur

Adding podcasts to your mundane routine can induce some much-needed fun, relaxation and knowledge. While chores pile up, work beckons and leisure time takes a back seat, podcasts are the perfect multitasking tasking tool, making them the perfect companion for your daily hustle! 

Not sure how to accommodate podcasts into your schedule? Well, here are seven tasks you can easily accomplish while listening to podcasts!

1. Cooking

Preparing a meal can be time-consuming. But all the chopping and stirring doesn’t feel as tedious when you’re listening to a podcast. You can find a podcast that suits your taste – the options are as diverse as the spices in your cabinet!

2. Go For A Walk Or Run

Physical fitness? Check. Mental fitness? Also Check! There are many meditative, self help and motivational podcasts that help you maximize your potential. Play one during your walk or run to refresh your mind and body at the same time!

3. Household Chores

The continuous back and forth between rooms is no problem for a podcast listener. If you’re folding clothes, cleaning up or running errands, do it with a podcast playing along in the background. Repetitive chores can feel less dreary when you have a new podcast to explore daily!

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4. Wind Down

As our screen time increases, binge-watching a series to relax sounds less appealing. Podcasts are the perfect replacement! So, next time you take a tea or coffee break, simply grab your headset, rest your eyes, and play a podcast.

5. Travel

Enhance your travel experience by learning about the culture and history of famous tourist spots and discovering hidden gems. No prior preparation needed – just tune in to a relevant podcast during your journey, and let your podcast host act as the tour guide. While your eyes flip through the scenery, your ears can reach the destination early!

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6. Exercise

Those multiple crunch sets and push ups are easier to accomplish when there’s a podcast to distract you from your discomfort. ‘That workout took me just one podcast episode’, sounds easier than ‘it’s been 15 songs, when will this workout end?’, doesn’t it?

7. Get Ready For Bed

Lights off, fresh sheets, alarm set, but you still can’t sleep. Sounds familiar? Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to switch off your thoughts to relax. Listening to a podcast as ambient sound on your speaker can help you drown out those pestering thoughts, and lull you into much needed sleep – a hack worth trying for the insomniacs.

What are your favorite ways to multitask while listening to a podcast? Share your answers in the comments below! 

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About the author

Divjot Kaur is a Delhi based writer and poet. She has been featured in Ink and Sword Magazine, Wing Word Poetry Prize anthology and the platform Baatein.

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