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5 Simple Steps to Start a Podcast

5 Simple Steps to Start a Podcast

By Aishwarya Javalgekar

Like all creative projects, the first step in starting a podcast is often the hardest. Since most new podcasters operate alone, without much infrastructure or support, even the most basic tasks can seem daunting. If you want to create your own podcast but don’t know where to begin, here are 5 simple steps to get your started on your podcasting journey!

1. Come up with a strong concept.

Do you have something unique and meaningful to say? Note down your ideas, and flesh them out as solid concepts that merit a podcast show. Plan and build each episode around this core idea, so that your podcast follows a consistent theme.

2. Research, research and more research!

People listen to podcasts because they want to deep-dive into a particular topic. It is essential to offer information, insights and facts that expand the listener’s knowledge of a subject, and keep them engaged throughout the episode, so that they keep returning for more!

3. Create a trailer.

The trailer is what introduces your podcast to the world. Make sure that your show comes across as sincere, fun and interesting. The trailer does more than generate intrigue. It tells people what to expect from your podcast.

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4. Get feedback.

Once you’ve recorded a trailer or an episode, seek honest feedback from some of your closest confidantes. Consider their suggestions and improve the quality of your product. Most importantly, you should identify your audience and speak directly to their interests.

5. Start recording!

Don’t use planning as an excuse to procrastinate on recording. Get some basic equipment, finalize your script, do a few trial runs, and press record! Get used to listening to your voice, because soon enough people will be asking for more!

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About the author

Aishwarya Javalgekar is a writer, editor and podcaster. She is the Head of Content and Podcasts at Bound and hosts The Book People podcast. She loves reading genre bending novels and coloring her hair.

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