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10 Most Anticipated Indian Books of 2022

10 Most Anticipated Indian Books of 2022

10 Most Anticipated Indian Books of 2022

1)   City Of Incident by Annie Zaidi

The Bound team’s heart lies in Bombay, and we can’t wait to read the next most anticipated Bombay novel! Writers keep exploring this fascinating city from a new light every now and then, and this time, the accomplished writer, Zaidi has used the stories of six men and six women to show us how struggle can’t be escaped in Mumbai.

“They carry knives, some of them. He has seen them squatting on the train floor, chopping up beans and shelling peas into plastic bags while on their way home. It is more likely one of these ladies who carry a knife while traveling than an urchin who doesn’t even have a bag to hide it in. What else could a woman use? A hairpin, possibly.”

(Aleph, 2022)

2)  The Stories We Tell: Mythology To Make Sense Of Modern Lives by Devdutt Pattanaik

This collection is contemporary while it’s also historic. Pattanaik weaves seventy tales which draw inspiration from Indian myths to explain life in the 21st century. We devour stories of mythology for their storytelling techniques, we can’t wait to see the way Pattanaik has made these ancient tales relatable to today’s world. If you’ve been a fan of his writing on Indian folklore, fables and legends, then don’t miss this one.

(Aleph, 2022)

3) Teen Couple Have Fun Outdoors by Aravind Jayan

Aravind Jayan is a young talent. He won the TOTO Award for Creative Writing in 2017. He was shortlisted for The Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2021. His debut novel is due this year. If the title hasn’t caught your attention yet, the plot will. It is a middle-class family drama. The eldest son, Sreenath, becomes infamous when a porn clip gets circulated. This puts Appa and Amma to shame. The novel is narrated by Sreenath’s younger brother, who is eager to escape his hometown but is instead stuck keeping his family together. If you’re looking for an entertaining read which is also thought-provoking, go for it. 

(Hachette India, 2022/Serpent’s Tail, UK)

4) Onam In A Nightie by Anjana Menon

We are excited about this debut creative non-fiction book as it makes us want to visit Kerala from our homes. As these stories are set in quarantine, we are looking forward to fun and relatable read. Menon has channeled her years of experience in journalism to carve out tales that will make readers feel like they have been on a relaxing holiday to God’s Own Country. 

(HarperCollins India, December 2021)

5)   Jet Lag: The Jet Airways Story by Kingshuk Nag

We are especially curious about this book as Nag uses interviews and research to chronicle the rise and fall of Jet Airways. We want to know what happened behind the scenes of this carrier from its inception in 1993 to its fall from grace in 2019 due to mismanagement of finances and other reasons. The most interesting part of this book is its timing; Jet Airways is all set for its rebirth in 2022.  

(Bloomsbury India, 2022) 

6) The Book Of Everlasting Things by Aanchal Malhotra

Malhotra is an oral historian known for the way she captures stories of partition with an empathetic voice. We interviewed her for her book ‘Remnants of a Separation’ in Season 3 of Books and Beyond with Bound. We are eagerly looking forward to her debut novel which stays true to the theme of partition again, which also explores the role of Indian soldiers in WW1 and the extraordinary realm of perfumery. 

(HarperCollins India, 2022)

7) The Book Of Dog (Edited by Hemali Sodhi) 

This new book tries to dissect the very familiar line ‘A dog is a man’s best friend’ for us. 45 essays by some of India’s leading writers delve deeper into the relationship of humans and dogs. The publisher claims that royalties from this book will go to animal welfare charities, so if you’re an animal lover, buying this book might prove to be a small token of your love for canines in need. 

(HarperCollins, 2022)

8) From The Heart Of Nature By Pamela Malhotra

We are always on the lookout for stories about nature. In this memoir, Pamela recounts how she connected and communicated with animals and trees both at a physical and spiritual level. We want to read this book to understand how preservation of nature can help us save mankind. Pamela’s love for the environment and her various efforts for women’s empowerment have been recognized by different authorities in India and abroad. In 2018, the Chief Minister of Karnataka State awarded her the Parisara Prashasthi Environment & Conservation Award for 2017- 2018. 

(Penguin India, 2022)

9) A History Of Indian Advertising By Ritu Singh 

Being creatives ourselves, we have always wondered about the stories behind famous ads. Ritu Singh has worked with J. Walter Thompson (JWT) India and the Times of India group. In this book, she attempts to explore a third perspective on why our ads say the things they do. The book promises the best of case studies and unbusiness-like stories from Indian advertising through the ages. This book was released late last year, so if you haven’t read it yet, now is the time!

(Hachette India, 2021)

10) Authorized Biography of Ratan Tata by Dr. Thomas Mathew

We consider Ratan Tata to be one of the most influential and inspirational leaders in the world. 

His authorized biography is due this year and we can’t wait to read all about his journey. Dr Mathew’s comprehensive account of Ratan Tata’s life includes unknown details and fascinating stories from his formative years, the time he spent in America as a student, his return to India and his early tenure with the Tata Group. It leads up to the inspiring and engaging documentation of Mr Tata’s business strategies, leadership vision and personal integrity that have shaped the Group.

(HarperCollins India, 2022)

About the author

Michelle D’costa is a Mangalorean from Mumbai. She was born and raised in Bahrain. Her poetry and prose have been published in over 50 journals like Out Of Print, Eclectica, Litro UK, Queen Mob’s Teahouse, Coldnoon, Vayavya, Guftugu and more. She loves to interview writers.  She blogs about books on WordPress

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